Dear Kristine – Per request, I’ve included some prices below. If you’d like to move forward on any of these painting and frame combinations let me know and I’ll secure for you and work out payment with shipping, handling, and tax. No pressure as usual. Kindest, Alex!

Alexander Scott Oil Seascape on board 9″x12″ Bright and sunny – your price Kristine is $510 unframed
Alexander Scott Oil Seascape on board 9″x11.5″ Dark and cloudy. Unframed – your price Kristine $510 unframed

I called Guido Frame for pricing. I selected three below that are generally nice. They cite rising 23 karat gold prices and general shortage of frame materials for current prices. They are saying there is generally a 5 week turnaround to produce which I guess is how it used to be, but that the time varies and they won’t give me an exact turnaround for production which is annoying. Unfortunately I don’t know of anyone else in the country who makes such beautiful frames. I will press them for a better idea of turnaround if / when you select one of these. They say these are artist’s prices so they should be their lowest prices. Tax and shipping not included.

AM178 9×12″ (1 7/8″ width) 23k gold $396

AM2716 9×12″ (2 7/16″ width) 23k gold = $458

FL258P 9×12″ (3″ width) 23K gold $450

Note: these sizes depicted below are not to comparative scale: