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The moment just before recognition holds a lot of energy and potential. Essays explaining visual works have become quite popular, but unless those words are integral to what is being expressed, I often feel they can get in the way of a direct connection with the actual art. My work often blurs the boundaries between disciplines and genres, and in some way my work might raise some questions. With a lot of art—cinema and music included—it’s not necessarily about gaining some special knowledge; rather, it’s more about sustaining a sense of wonderment.

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Alexander Coster Scott’s work has appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Monocle, Wallpaper, Elle Décor, Art Forum, and many other notable publications. Catalogs and books are available at, and prints are available through the artist at Learn more at

William Eggleston and Alexander Coster

Education 1980 studies in Florence and Rome with Blyth Co. 1982 Harvard Design School Career Discovery 1984 graduate Brooks School, North Andover, MA. Begins photographic work (introduced to William Eggleston and family) – studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art (Lacoste School, South of France) 1988 studies in oil painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA 1989 BA in art history from Boston University 1990 studies in Lacoste and Paris with the Swiss print artist, Claude Saucy 2007 Photographer for the Boston Photographic Resource Center (PRC), conversations with Stephen Shore, Andres Serrano, and William Christenberry

Collections Selected Partial Listing: Mrs. Douglas Durst, New York, NY (The Durst Organization) Mrs. Sally Pingree, Washington, DC (Engelhard Foundation) Mr. Tyler Brule, London, UK (WALLPAPER) Mrs. Brewster Jennings, Vinlhaven, ME (JEN. OIL) Mr. Albert Hadley, New York, NY Mrs. Ada Lamont, Norh Haven, ME Mrs. Olive Watson, New York, NY (IBM) Mrs. Thomas Watson, North Haven, ME (IBM) Mr. Troy Halterman, New York, NY (TROY) Mr. and Mrs. John Train, New York, NY (PARIS REVIEW, FORBES) Mr. Charles Pardoe, Bethesda, MD Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tittman, Brussels, Belgium Mr. Oliver Platt, Los Angeles, CA (ACTOR) Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nagy-Davidson, Boston, MA. Mr. James Andrew, New York, NY, Don Murphy, NL (VMX Architects), Christopher Kaneb (Hood Milk, Catamount Management Corporation)