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Muddy River, Emerald Necklace, Olmsted Parks, Boston. 44″x44″ Coster Scott

Coster Scott illustration for MEEI / Joan W. Miller, MD (Chief and Chair of Ophthalmology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School).

Coster Scott painting, Hood Headquarters, Lynnfield, MA

Sullivan Square Strut - Vapor transferred photograph on metal. Hood Collection. Coster Scott.
Sullivan Square Strut – Vapor transferred photograph. Hood Collection. Coster Scott.


Arboretum. A cool-tone black and white print. Mockup image. Available in multiple sizes. ©2016 Alexander Coster Scott

North Haven. Sepia toned black and white image. Approx. 50″ x 50″ ©Alexander Coster Scott

Olmsted Tondo. Sepia toned black and white. Approx. 52″ x 52″ ©Alexander Coster Scott

Hancock Tower. C-print Photograph Approx. 45″ x 90″ ©2016 Alexander Coster Scott

Birch. C-print. Approx. 50″ x 30″. ©2016 Alexander Coster Scott

Cherries. Color c-type print. Available up to 50″ x 62″ ©Alexander Coster Scott.

Black and White images silver gelatin images. Each approx. 20″ x 30″ ©Alexander Coster Scott

Above images available – examples here are silver gelatin prints – approximately 20″ x 30″ ©Alexander Coster Scott

All images are available now. Many more images available. Please inquire with your specific requests.

Coster Scott – Translunar (Featured on Korg Official)

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Coster Scott Typeout: an homage techno typeface.

Typeface: TTF (TrueType) version – Only alphanumeric keys available / all one case. No punctuation in the set. Good for use in most design programs. At some point I’ll make some punctuation for the set. (a version II?)

Mac install: Open “Font Book” utility. Drag font into window. Ignore “1 minor problem found” warning. This is a “nametable” issue and won’t affect the use of font.

Please note that I am unable to run technical support, but installation is a simple affair.

If you’d like to make a small donation (50 cents and up!) to keep things running, I’d be grateful! Otherwise, simply let me know that you are enjoying.

DOWNLOAD: Typeout Regular.ttf

Coster Scott illustrations for Prof. Bonini, Vatican City Chief Ophthalmologist – Published The Ocular Surface.